Whatever thoughts you have about yourself influence your actions and behaviour. It is therefore important that children think positively about themselves and have confidence in their abilities. We include an introduction to the workings of our conscious and subconscious minds, and how this can be used to change our behaviour for positive growth.

Every intricate detail of your child’s life is linked to their self-image. We will teach re-programming skills that will give your child unlimited self-confidence and positive self-belief throughout their life. This is one of the most important lessons they will ever learn, as self-image and self-belief govern all their actions, influencing outcomes, circumstances, and future successes and accomplishments. Such positive inner confidence will ensure they can achieve the results they seek, and have the strength in themselves to overcome any obstacle in their way.

This module aims to discover each child’s special talents, abilities and gifts. They will learn the importance of establishing goals and how to implement and attain them. They will develop an intense curiosity that will enhance learning as a direct result of the creative skills and techniques used to teach them. Children will come to recognise the quality of their thinking and will very quickly become aware of the many opportunities available to them each and every day. This will help them to reach any goal or achievement they set for themselves.

We will teach children to understand the real meaning and importance of being deeply grateful for the things they already have. By the end of the module they will be able to see how powerful gratitude can be in our lives today and how it can go on to affect our future success.

At the mid-point in the ten-week course we will work to erase old, self-limiting, negative behaviour patterns, attitudes and emotional habits and re-invent new, positive ones. We will remove the limits of conditioned thinking and create a refreshed, optimistic mindset through proven techniques and educational methods.

In this module we will explore creative activities to develop practical skills for retaining important information. This coaching, using mind maps and memory-building techniques, will be invaluable in many situations, such as future exams, and is a reusable skill that can be relied on at any time.

The course is made up of ten modules which each last one hour per week. The course runs for ten weeks.

Every module is unique and will include:

  • Fun learning programmes
  • Creative expression activities
  • Interactive games
  • Positive affirmations (powerful statements)
  • A short cartoon or video (lasting no more than five minutes)
  • Discussions
  • Imagination and visualisation techniques
  • Individual coaching
  • Presentations
  • An enjoyable challenge to be completed outside of the course over the week before the next module
  • Experiments by Professor. Brainchild


Each one-hour includes:


  • An exclusive A4 Brainchild Development folder, with protective A4 pockets for their work, activities and challenges
  • An exclusive GOAL card
  • A glow-in-the-dark thankful pebble
  • A vision board
  • A pair of fun magnets
  • A pair of rainbow glasses
  • A free gift after each individual module relevant to each module
  • An A5 picture quote card with each individual module
  • All art and craft materials needed for activities in the modules

It is important that children are aware of the significance of communication in every aspect of their lives. We will teach your child the techniques, language and habits to build rapport, and to understand others through verbal and non-verbal communication.

The law of attraction (that ‘like attracts like’ and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results) is in operation today, just like the law of gravity. Both are unseen, expected and taken for granted, but are in operation nevertheless. We will give your child the to become aware of these unseen laws, and show them, with proven techniques, how they can use them to attain any worthwhile goal.

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