How to make the right decisions and see opportunities in everything

Schools do not teach decision-making. Our decisions shape our path in life and it is vitally important that children have the understanding to decide what might be good or bad for them. This module is developed specifically for this purpose.

How to earn money (available to ages 13-17 only)

Schools do not teach how to earn money except through obtaining a job. We will show children that there are many other ways to create multiple sources of income besides the traditional route.

Team building

We will teach children how to work effectively with different people, as well as showing them how to encourage others to co-operate in their vision.

The value of these incredible resources (visualisation and imagination) is not taught in school today. The use of willpower and discipline has been proved to fail over long periods of time. We replace these transient qualities with proven creative visualisation techniques, supported by vision boards and pictures to help activate your child's imagination. We inspire aspirations and self-belief so they know that anything their mind can conjure up is possible.

The Power of Self Awareness and Positive Thinking

Whatever thoughts created in our child's minds about themselves today, ultimately become the actions and behaviours of tomorrow. We build skills and understanding of each child's inner potential and how they can access these. We include an introduction to the workings of our conscious and subconscious minds and show how this can be used to change our behaviours for the desired result.

Self Image, Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Each intricate detail of your child's life is linked to their self image. We implement ideas and skills that will help give your child self confidence and positive self belief in all aspects of their life, both now and in their future. This is one of the most important lessons they will ever learn, as self image and self belief governs their outcome, circumstances and future success - helping them to achieve the positive results they seek, everytime, even if they come up against obstacles.

Goal setting and Opportunities

This module aims to discover each child's special talents, abilities and gifts. They will learn the importance of establishing goals and how to implement and attain them. They will develop an intense curiosity that will enhance learning as a direct result of the creative skills and techniques used to teach them. Children will come to recognise the quality of their thinking and will very quickly become aware of the many opportunities available to them each and every day. This will help them to reach any goal or achievement they set for themselves.

The Power of Thankfulness and Positive Attitude

Helping children to realise how powerful the meaning and importance of being grateful for the things we have is - and how this will effect our future success in life.

Paradigms and Self-Limiting Beliefs

At the mid-point of the ten week course, we will work to erase old, self-limiting, negative behaviour patterns, attitudes and emotional habits - and re-invent new, positive ones. We will remove the limits of conditioned thinking and create a refreshed, optimistic mindset through proven techniques and educational methods.

Motivational techniques with mind maps and memory building

In this module we will explore creative activities to develop practical skills for retaining important information. This coaching, using mind maps and memory-building techniques, will be invaluable in many situations, such as future exams, and is a reusable skill that can be relied on at any time.

The Power of Communication

Helping children to become aware of the major importance of effective communication in every area of our lives, by building rapport, listening to and understanding others through verbal and non verbal communications.

The unseen laws of our universe

The law of attraction - 'like attracts like' and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, we can bring about positive or negative results. Just like the law of gravity, both are unseen, expected and taken for granted, but are in operation nevertheless. We will give your child the opportunity to become aware of these unseen laws, and show them, with proven techniques, how they can use them to attain any worthwhile goal.

Commitment, practise and determination with core values

This module will focus on the power of repetition and how to adopt the skills for change. We will show your child how the right attitude, effort and action can create everything they will need or want in life. We will examine the effects on the mind and body of wrongdoing and acting against one's conscience.

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Good communication skills, high self-esteem, meaningful relationships, inner self confidence - just to get through and survive the hard knocks that life throws at us all. To have a positive outward going personality and be popular at school, to forge close and strong personal relationships. The list is endless and ultimately the responsibility is ours, as parents, to help nurture the development of our children and provide an exciting, secure and above all, happy environment. Brainchild Development can help your child be all they can be.


Personal and motivational development programmes have been available for years, but have always been aimed at adults

No one has ever developed a course designed specifically for young people - until now! Our unique 10 week Brainchild Development courses have huge benefits for any young person, their education and their potential in society. Based on proven techniques, we have sourced and developed work modules that produce outstanding results with a common goal: 'To access the deep reservoirs of talent that exist in all of us'.

Course for 13 - 17 year olds

Brainchild Development will be taking your child on an exciting journey of self discovery, firing up their creative imagination and bringing out their natural talents and abilities, that may well be overlooked in the current schooling system.

Step One:

Conceive it Our first step is to introduce the idea that your children can conceive and create positive thoughts and ideas.

Step Two:

Believe It Develop the faith and belief that they can do it.

Step Three:

Achieve It Taking the action and movement towards their goals and dreams and leading them to behave in a way that opens their mind to achieve their innovative and visionary ideas.

  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Self Image, Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Goal Setting and Opportunities
  • Gratitude and the Power of Attitude
  • Paradigms and how to overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Memory Building and Mind Maps
  • The Invisible Laws of the Universe
  • How to make the right decisions
  • The power of Visualisation
  • The power of Verbal and non-verbal Communication

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