Kids Entrepreneurs Club 7-12 year old

The 'Kids Entrepreneurs Club' introduces your child to proven techniques - to help them realise that they can become whoever - or whatever they want to be

We will take your child on an exciting and unforgettable journey to help them realise their  true potential in life. We will expand the  awareness of their mind,  how they think, their thoughts, actions,  behaviours, habits, values and future, using  core modules to help them create a positive mental attitude towards life.

This includes:

  • An exclusive Brainchild Development T-shirt
  • An Brainchild Development A4 ring binder with protective pockets for work, activities and challenges
  • An exclusive Brainchild Development Gold 'Goal' card
  • A glow-in-the-dark 'Thankful Pebble'
  • A large vision board
  • A pair of fun magnets
  • All art and craft materials needed for activities in the modules