The Course

The course is made up of ten modules which each last one hour per week. The course runs for ten weeks.

Every module is unique and will include:

  • Fun learning programmes
  • Creative expression activities
  • Interactive games
  • Positive affirmations (powerful statements)
  • A short cartoon or video (lasting no more than five minutes)
  • Discussions
  • Imagination and visualisation techniques
  • Individual coaching
  • Presentations
  • An enjoyable challenge to be completed outside of the course over the week before the next module
  • Experiments by Proffessor. Brainchild


Each one-hour includes:


  • An exclusive A4 Brainchild Development folder, with protective A4 pockets for their work, activities and challenges
  • An exclusive GOAL card
  • A glow-in-the-dark thankful pebble
  • A vision board
  • A pair of fun magnets
  • A pair of rainbow glasses
  • A free gift after each individual module relevant to each module
  • An A5 picture quote card with each individual module
  • All art and craft materials needed for activities in the modules